Arbeitskreis Modellierung von Systemen und Parameterextraktion 
Modeling of Systems and Parameter Extraction Working Group
  Spring'18 MOS-AK Workshop
Munich, March 13, 2018
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MOS-AK: Enabling Compact Modeling R&D Exchange
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MOS-AK Workshop Program
Important Dates:
  • Call for Papers - Dec. 2017
  • 2nd Announcement - Jan. 2018
  • Final Workshop Program - Feb. 2018
  • Compact Modeling Events - March 13-16, 2018
    • March 13:     2018 Q1 MOS-AK SPICE/Verilog-A Modeling Workshop
    • March 15-16: 2018 Q1 CMC Meeting (co-located)
Infineon Technologies AG
Am Campeon 1-12
D-85579 Neubiberg
Building no. 3
Room: 03.1.158
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MOS-AK Morning Session
T_0  MOS-AK Workshop Opening
Klaus-Willi Pieper; Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, (D)
Wladek Grabinski; MOS-AK (EU)
T_1  Overview of the Compact Modeling at Infineon
Klaus-Willi Pieper
Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, (D);
T_2  Advanced Fast on-wafer Low-frequency Noise Measurement with High Resolution, Wide Bandwidth and Large Biasing Current Range
James Ma, Lianfeng Yang and Zhihong Liu
ProPlus Design Solutions Inc. (US)

Coffee Break
T_3  Advances in Statistical Compact Modeling
Dr. Volker Gloeckel* and Dr. Elmar Gondro**
*MunEDA; **Infineon Technologies
T_4  Compact Modeling of Nanomagnetic Logic Devices and Circuits
Markus Becherer, Simon Mendisch and Grazvydas Ziemys
Technische Universität München (D)
P_1  Devices for Nanomagnetic Logic
Gražvydas Žiemys
Technische Universität München (D)
T_5  Modelling Emerging Devices through EU ASCENT Network
Paul Roseingrave
Tyndall National Institute (IE)
Lunch Break

MOS-AK Panel: Compact Model Licensing
Peter Lee; CMC Chair
MOS-AK Afternoon Session
T_6  How Is CMC Standard Model Implemented and Verified In Simulator?
Jushan Xie
Cadence (US)
T_7  Virtual Prototyping for Power Diode and IGBT Development
Maria Cotorogea*, Peter Türkes*, Andreas Groove**
*Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, (D); **Infineon Technologies AG, Warstein-Belecke (D)

Coffee Break
T_8  Modeling of Device Aging - Example: Diode (Demo VA Files)
Franz Sischka*, Bertrand Ardouin**
*SisConsult (D), **XMOD Technologies (F)
T_9  Device Aging Simulations Enabling Circuit Cptimizations
Katja Puschkarsky
Infineon Technologies AG,
Neubiberg, (D)
T_10  Integration of Aging Models Across Different EDA Environments
A case study implementing HCI and NBTI models for X-FAB XU035 CMOS technology
Fabio A. Velarde Gonzalez*, André Lange*, Sonja Crocoll**, Roland Jancke*
*Fraunhofer IIS/EAS (D), **X-FAB (D)
End of the MOS-AK Workshop

Extended MOS-AK/GSA Committee:
  • MOS-AK Technical Committee
    MOS-AK/GSA North America
  • Chair: Pekka Ojala, Exar Corporation
  • Co-Chair: Geoffrey Coram, Analog Devices
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Jamal Deen, U.McMaster
  • Co-Chair: Roberto Tinti, Agilent EEsof Division
    MOS-AK/GSA South America
  • Chair: Prof. Gilson I Wirth; UFRGS; Brazil
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Carlos Galup-Montoro, UFSC; Brazil
  • Co-Chair: Sergio Bampi, UFRGS, Brazil
  • Co-Chair: Antonio Cerdeira Altuzarra, Cinvestav - IPN, Mexico
    MOS-AK/GSA Europe
  • Chair: Ehrenfried Seebacher, AMS, Austria
  • Co-Chair: Suba Subramaniam, XFab, XFab, Germany
  • Co-Chair: Prof. Benjamin Iniguez, URV, Spain
  • Co-Chair: Franz Sischka, SisConsult, Germany
    MOS-AK/GSA Asia/South Pacific

  • Chair: Sadayuki Yoshitomi, Toshiba (J)
  • Co-Chair: Min Zhang, XMOD Technologies, (CN)
  • Co-Chair: Xing Zhou, NTU Singapore (SG)  
  • Co-Chair: A.B. Bhattacharyya, JIIT New Delhi (IN)
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